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Dak Mai Waterfall majestic beauty in the middle of the mountains and forests of Binh Phuoc
Binh Phuoc is a province in the Southeast region, with mountainous terrain, so there are many beautiful waterfalls, Dak Mai Waterfall is one of the quite wild and new attractions in Binh Phuoc. The waterfall is located in Bu R'Nga village, Bu Gia Map commune, Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc, not far from Bu Gia Map National Park, about 220 km from Saigon, and if you go from the center of Dong city Mango is about 105km.

Thác Đắk Mai nhìn từ xa

Dak Mai waterfall has a width of about 50m and a height of about 12m, always emitting white foam, making visitors dazed when admiring the beauty of this waterfall.

The water flows down from above surrounding the cave, giving us the feeling that there is always a breeze blowing at the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall seems to create a thin mist, giving us a feeling of lightness and comfort. every time I come here.

On the surface of the waterfall is a layer of rocks of heterogeneous shape and size, but quite flat because of the erosion of the waterfall's water. When stepping on the rock, the feeling of having to fumble each step is quite interesting, because alternating between slippery rocks because of moss are rocks with friction and rocks in the dry season that are dried by the sun. In this season, the water of the waterfall is very clear, you can see through to the bottom of the waterfall.

In 1962, the area of Dak Mai stream was the base of the Security Committee of Zone 10 - the forerunner of the Binh Phuoc Police force. After the victory of Phuoc Long - Dong Xoai in 1965, the US imperialists turned to the strategy of "Local War". A large number of expeditionary troops, vassals and troops of the Republic of Vietnam were mobilized to oppose the revolution. The security board of zone 10 has chosen the area of Dak Mai waterfall as a base - Cau Giay base. Here, the committee advised and became the core in mobilizing the whole people to raise vigilance, awareness of conspiracies, smash the enemy's tricks, and absolutely protect the safety of the Central Bureau and the Party Committee. .

         My experience after this journey is:

Light luggage; wear sandals to avoid slipping (if you wear shoes, it will be heavy in the rain) bring drinking water, go slowly uphill, breathe evenly and don't forget to save interesting memories here.
Bring food, lighters to light a fire by the stream and remember to maintain hygiene when eating and drinking on the spot. This is quite an interesting experience for those who are going out for the first time.
Should bring small soot tablets to suck, because during walking, the body is tired, dehydrated, lost salt, the soot will add salt, help fatigue, increase energy for the body.
Transportation: You can go by car or motorbike to the waterfall. However, if you travel by car, you have to walk for more than 150 meters to reach the foot of the waterfall, and by motorbike, you can go to the foot of the waterfall.
When to go: In the rainy season, the water is very dangerous and the water from rivers and streams is very cloudy so you should go around November and December because the water in this season is not too big, clear and the road surface is not slippery. to slide.



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