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Suoi Gia Binh Phuoc Lake is a beautiful lake with calm and relaxing natural scenery. This place is ideal for picnic activities, camping, enjoying a fun and comfortable holiday.

Referring to Southeast tourism, everyone thinks of Dong Nai with Tri An lake and famous ecotourism destinations. However, the neighboring province of Binh Phuoc also has many beautiful and new check-in points. Typically, Suoi Giai lake - a lake that is both beautiful and peaceful.

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The "beautiful" beauty of Suoi Giai lake

Perhaps many people will feel strange before the name Suoi Giai Binh Phuoc lake. According to the explanation of the people in the area, this name means "spring of beauty", implying to describe the beautiful scene here as a fairy descending to earth.

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The lake is about 1.5 km wide and is nestled between two hills. Around the lake is surrounded by lush, green gardens, drawing a lyrical and poetic natural scene.

Traveling to Binh Phuoc, many young people choose to go to Suoi Giai lake because this place is deserted and few people. On the lake, there are only a few residents living and raising fish for export, including pompano, goby, etc. Surrounded by vast rubber forests stretching to the top.

It takes about 2 hours to go from Saigon to here, you will be immersed in the clear, peaceful and strange natural space. The water in the lake is cool and clear. Whether it is morning or afternoon, the water temperature is very cool, suitable for visitors to take a bath.

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The feeling of being dropped into the cool water on hot days is a wonderful thing. In addition, coming here, you also have the opportunity to experience being a farmer, setting up hooves and catching fish right on the lake bed.

A little more poetic is watching the sunrise and enjoying the beauty of the sunset. To watch the sunrise from the East, you can choose to camp overnight right by the lake. And if you like the sunset, you just need to stay until the sun goes to sleep.

Compared to Tri An lake of Dong Nai province, Suoi Giai Binh Phuoc lake is very little known. This place was only accidentally discovered by backpackers and young people who love traveling. Gradually, many tourists fascinated by the beautiful scenery here have come to take pictures, camp or simply organize a picnic party.

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It is known that the lake surface is more than 100 hectares wide, the water surface is always peaceful and calm like a giant mirror. Around the lake, there are green lawns, stretching and blooming with many wild flowers, bringing a pristine beauty to the overall lake.

In the early morning, dew hovers over the lake, creating a magical, shimmering beauty that captivates photography enthusiasts. That is also the reason that more and more young people choose to camp overnight here to catch a beautiful moment in the morning by the lake.



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