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Dong Xoai City Peoples Committee summarizes the operation situation of the receiving and returning department
On August 16, Chairman of Dong Xoai City People's Committee Nguyen Minh Binh presided over a meeting to review the operation of the department for receiving and returning results in the city and communes and wards in the seven months of 2022.

People perform public services at the reception and return department in Dong Xoai city

Currently, 355 administrative procedures in the city are updated on the online public service software system, including 67 procedures at level 2, 148 procedures at level 3 and 140 procedures at level 4. The implementation of administrative procedures in the electronic environment has improved the quality of public services, contributing to promoting socio-economic development in the locality.

The good results are that the units basically handle the documents and administrative procedures for the people with the on-time settlement rate of 99%; conduct electronic authentication of 3,480 records; more than 15,800 public service records are processed online by the receiving and returning departments of cities and communes and wards; non-cash payment of financial obligations on land and fees of more than 115 billion dong, of which mainly land payments.

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Chairman of Dong Xoai City People's Committee Nguyen Minh Binh directs to promote non-cash payment for public services

At the meeting, a number of limitations and obstacles in the implementation of administrative procedures at the department of receiving and returning results of cities and communes and wards were recognized and directed to overcome in the last months of the year. In which, the implementation of electronic copy authentication is not high due to low demand of the people and the system often fails; the digitization of records in 7 months has not been done; The rate of overdue dossiers is 0.7% in the city department and 0.3% in the commune and ward sections.

The non-cash payment in the city's public services with a high payment amount, but mainly in the field of land, Chairman of Dong Xoai City People's Committee Nguyen Minh Binh requested in the coming time, Information technology department of Dong Xoai city promotes the support of units to expand non-cash payment in the fields of collection of fees and charges; in payment of hospital fees and finding measures to collect non-cash non-agricultural land use tax.


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