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Medlatec laboratory in Dong Xoai provides free diabetes screening for people
On August 3, Medlatec Laboratory at 999 Phu Rieng Do - Dong Xoai city officially opened and will provide free diabetes screening and liver function test for Binh Phuoc residents from the opening day until the end of the day. September 2022.

The opening of a laboratory in Dong Xoai city of the Medlatec health system aims to provide good testing services, applying modern technology to the people of Dong Xoai city in particular and people in the province in general. shared.

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Medlatec Binh Phuoc laboratory staff take samples for testing

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Medlatec Binh Phuoc laboratory performs testing with high technology

According to Mr. Nguyen Hong Thanh - Director of the Medlatec Binh Phuoc laboratory, the laboratory is currently implementing more than 500 testing services from simple to specialized. Especially genetic testing helps to screen and detect more than 133 types of potential genetic cancers; conducting tests for covid-19 and tests with high-tech applications are of interest to people for health screening today.


 Managing agency: Office of People's Council & People's Committee of Dong Xoai City

 Address: 1377 - Phu Rieng Do, Tan Phu ward, Dong Xoai city, Binh Phuoc.

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