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Dong Xoai investigated and verified to handle the invaders, killing trees
On the afternoon of September 14, Dong Xoai City Public Works Enterprise, owner and representatives of city authorities, including: Urban Management Department, Urban Order Management Team, Dong City Police Mango and Tan Phu Ward People's Committee conducted a field survey at the scene to investigate, verify and clarify the death of a tree (shade tree) suspected of being violated.

The image of the mother-of-pearl tree in front of house number 245, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Phu Tan neighborhood, Tan Phu ward, Dong Xoai city when it was first discovered on September 12, suspected of trespassing.

Previously, on September 10, after receiving information from the people, the Dong Xoai City Public Works Enterprise conducted a physical inspection of a green tree (shade tree), namely the mother-of-pearl tree that was Planted on the sidewalk of Ly Thuong Kiet street, the intersection with Ham Nghi street in Tan Phu ward, died, suspected of being violated.

As a result of the inspection of the current status, the above-mentioned Conch tree is planted on the sidewalk in front of house number 245, Ly Thuong Kiet street, Phu Tan neighborhood, Tan Phu ward, Dong Xoai city. The tree is 14 m high and 50 cm in diameter. Condition of the tree at the time of inspection: The tree is yellow and dry, the entire foliage is dry, and the bark of the trunk has cracks along the trunk 20cm.

anh tin bai

Up to now, all the foliage has dried up. (photo taken on September 14).


After checking, the members agreed to confirm that the tree above showed signs of being violated or forced to die. Specifically: The base of the tree close to the ground has 05 holes drilled deep into the trunk with a depth of 25-30cm. The drill bits have an inclination of about 450 (relative to the eye of the earth). Check the boreholes with brown discharge and strong chemical smell similar to the smell of pesticides (herbicides) on the market. However, the inspection by conventional methods (sensory assessment) did not identify the chemical species.

Through monitoring by the security team of the Public Works Enterprise for nearly a week, this green tree has started to show signs of yellowing, drying of leaves and now has dried all foliage. The perpetrator has not yet been identified.

 The inspection team concluded and recommended: The above-mentioned tree has dried and died, showing signs of impact and invasion of humans. Therefore, in order to raise people's awareness of participating in the protection of urban trees, creating a deterrent for violators, the units participating in the inspection unanimously recommended the City People's Committee to have a written request. City police investigate and verify the perpetrators of the above mentioned green tree abuse.

In the immediate future, to ensure the safety of people around the area during the rainy and stormy season, the Public Works Enterprise will trim all branches and foliage. Keep the trunk and stump waiting for the direction of the competent authority.


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