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Dong Xoai: Continue to promote the role of mass mobilization in the movement Village work, gold land is also donated
Recently, Deputy Head of the People's Committee of the Provincial Party Committee Trinh Thanh Tue had a survey and inspection of the mass mobilization work in Dong Xoai city. Previously, the survey team of the provincial People's Committee had a working session in Tan Thien ward on grassroots mass mobilization, and at the same time grasped many practical issues from officials working in mass mobilization in the area. residential.

Deputy Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Department Trinh Thanh Tue discussed at the survey on the mass mobilization work of Dong Xoai city.

Over the past time, Dong Xoai city has effectively mobilized people in the area to implement the "state and people work together" movement in upgrading infrastructure such as road construction, lighting system, etc. , planting trees ... and recently the movement "village work, gold land is also donated". These are considered typical examples in the emulation movement of "skillful mass mobilization" in the mass mobilization system of Dong Xoai city. Thereby, households donated more than 27 hectares of land (worth 331 billion VND) to roads and alleys in the city... Besides, mobilizing resources to join hands in the prevention of covid-19 19 and ensuring social security in the area in recent years has also been effectively implemented by the mass mobilization system, fronts and city organizations, creating a strong spread in the community. During the recent covid-19 epidemic, they coordinated to mobilize support for 5.7 billion VND and 100 tons of necessities; In the first months of 2022, more than 10,000 gifts were donated to difficult cases, poor and near-poor households in the area.

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The road in Tan Binh ward (Dong Xoai city) was renewed and expanded from the people's land donation.

Directly talking with the survey team of the provincial People's Committee, leaders of the mass mobilization committee and city organizations also shared experiences and difficult problems in grassroots mass mobilization. Currently, the city's mass mobilization system is actively participating with the city's departments in mobilizing people to agree to carry out site clearance for projects in the area; continue to spread the movement of people emulation skillfully mobilizing people to donate land for road construction; building clean, green, bright, beautiful and safe roads; installing security surveillance cameras, especially participating in the implementation of tasks of the community digital technology team... In the process of implementation, many difficulties and problems arise, especially in mobilizing people at grassroots .

anh tin bai

Dong Xoai city started construction of Phan Boi Chau route from the consent of the people to donate land

Deputy Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Committee Trinh Thanh Tue highly appreciated the results achieved by the city in the skillful mass mobilization emulation movement "Village work, gold land is also donated", a creative and effective way of doing things. The city's public transport system needs to continue to be promoted. Through the survey of grassroots mass mobilization, the deputy head of the Provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Department also shared with the difficulties of cadres working in advocacy work in residential areas. At the same time, it is proposed that the city's mass mobilization committee and mass organizations further strengthen grassroots support activities in all aspects of activities, thereby actively supporting Dong Xoai city in implementing key programs, especially creating a spread for the emulation movements of "smart people" of Dong Xoai city.


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