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Dong Xoai: Bright colors of the national flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2
Hanging the national flag on major national holidays, especially on the occasion of National Day, September 2, is the cultural beauty and pride of every Vietnamese in general and Dong Xoai city in particular. In the past few days, the People's Committees of communes, wards and residential area management boards in the city have deployed the flags of the country on the main roads and mobilized and reminded people on the roads and alleys to do so. Hanging the national flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2.

Ly Thuong Kiet Street (Tan Phu Ward) flies a beautiful flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2

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People in Dong Xoai city hang the national flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2.

Walking on red-flagged streets during the National Day holiday on September 2, Dong Xoai people appreciate the value of independence, freedom and trust more in the leadership of the Party, State as well as the government. local. In recent years, the raising of the national flag has always been concerned by the Party committees and local authorities at all levels in the city, and people's awareness is increasing. Many localities have implemented synchronously and uniformly from the size, handle of the flag, the position of the flag of the country. Neighborhood groups in some places also announce the start time to fly the flag and the time to end it. In which, some beautiful flag roads and flagpoles and flagpoles are made according to the model to create beauty for the city such as Ly Thuong Kiet route (Tan Phu ward); Nguyen Hue route (Tan Dong ward, Tan Xuan); Ton Duc Thang road (Tien Thanh ward); Phu Rieng Do route; Along with many alleys in communes and wards, the management board of residential areas also mobilized to make flagpoles according to the model, creating synchronism and urban beauty. The solemnity of flying the national flag shows patriotism, national pride, sense of responsibility of Vietnamese citizens, as well as the gratitude of descendants for their ancestors in the construction work. build and defend the Fatherland.


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