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    Dong Xoai investigated and verified to handle the invaders, killing trees

    On the afternoon of September 14, Dong Xoai City Public Works Enterprise, owner and representatives of city authorities, including: Urban Management Department, Urban Order Management Team, Dong City Police Mango and Tan Phu Ward People's Committee conducted a field survey at the scene to investigate, verify and clarify the death of a tree (shade tree) suspected of being violated.

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    Dong Xoai: Bright colors of the national flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2

    Hanging the national flag on major national holidays, especially on the occasion of National Day, September 2, is the cultural beauty and pride of every Vietnamese in general and Dong Xoai city in particular. In the past few days, the People's Committees of communes, wards and residential area management boards in the city have deployed the flags of the country on the main roads and mobilized and reminded people on the roads and alleys to do so. Hanging the national flag on the occasion of National Day, September 2.

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    The Legal Department of the Provincial Peoples Council supervises the reform of administrative procedures in Dong Xoai city

    Yesterday morning, on August 23, the supervisory team of the provincial People's Council's legal department led by Ms. Giang Thi Phuong Hanh, Chairwoman of the provincial Party Committee's inspection committee and head of the provincial People's Council's legal department, returned to supervise the reform work. administrative procedures, building e-government in Dong Xoai city. Attending the monitoring were representatives of the Provincial People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and provincial departments. Receiving and working with the delegation were Vice Chairman of Dong Xoai City People's Committee Ngo Hong Khang, and leaders of the Office of the People's Council & People's Committee, departments, specialized agencies of the city.

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    Dong Xoai: Continue to promote the role of mass mobilization in the movement Village work, gold land is also donated

    Recently, Deputy Head of the People's Committee of the Provincial Party Committee Trinh Thanh Tue had a survey and inspection of the mass mobilization work in Dong Xoai city. Previously, the survey team of the provincial People's Committee had a working session in Tan Thien ward on grassroots mass mobilization, and at the same time grasped many practical issues from officials working in mass mobilization in the area. residential.

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    Medlatec laboratory in Dong Xoai provides free diabetes screening for people

    On August 3, Medlatec Laboratory at 999 Phu Rieng Do - Dong Xoai city officially opened and will provide free diabetes screening and liver function test for Binh Phuoc residents from the opening day until the end of the day. September 2022.


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